Ladies if your SO is saying that the abortion decision is “not a big deal”, “doesn’t impact you”, or is dismissive about the decision, reconsider your relationship.

One of my girlfriends is "pro fetus." I help her out all the time (financially and other) and also help untangle whatever latest mess she's in. She's in another situation now apparently and has been reaching out but I've blown her off the last few days because I'm too angry to speak with her. She may not be on the supreme court but she and people like put 3 of those judges in there. I've typed out a dozen really vicious texts to her but keep deleting them because I'm not normally that kind of person. I'll have to reply at some point so have decided to say I'm too busy right now because I've decided to volunteer with and donate to pro women charities for the next few months (which is true.) Maybe she can ask her pal Trump instead.

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