Lazy Sunday

I am working today (1.5x hourly) as a database analyst and there's loads of errors in one dataset.

Because nobody is on shift except me, I cannot speak to the people who upstream to me to find out how they let these errors through and how they are going to fix it. There is a general rule within data don't mess with other people's data because you may screw up things.

Its general format and column issues, which isn't major but there's always a worry someone (some data blind jobsworth ignoramus) will make it my fault when, as we all say in data - crap data in, crap data out.

I am currently trying to work out the significance of these errors and whether they'd impact my own work (because sometimes data issues have limited impact), disentangle and identify where things are going wrong and how to fix it.

Fortunately I am not working tomorrow, so it'll be one of my poor colleagues trying to fix it and being undermined by someone with all the wit of slug with a head injury.

Honestly, I don't get why people get involved in things they don't understand and make a big song and dance about it - what are they expecting, a gold star for being a twat?

There are people out there who CC every person in the company to ask where this data is (often irrelevant to their role), when it is body of the email they are replying to. It's the most frustrating and the easily solved of problems I run into.

Apart from these jobsworths, I enjoy my work, my manager is kindhearted and knows what he is talking about and thay makes a real difference to some similar jobs I have done before.

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