Left and Right wingers of Reddit, what is something that you admire about those on the opposite side of the political spectrum?

Oh, the left reacted, but the right didn't care. When have they, honestly? Look how they switched to a majority vote for Gorsuch. We're talking about a lifetime position. 2/3 Majority should be the requirement. There are pages that were withheld on Kavanaugh, and 42k pages that were given 15 hours before the hearing was held. Grassley and the lovely crew, didn't care. Did anyone else also realize how Grassley let the men talk, but not the women? Or how in Georgia, the SS(also, thanks Justice Kennedy!!), who's running for Gov rejecting 50k in voter registration, and now in Gwinett county 1 in 10 absentee ballots are being tossed.....you say they fight for what they want. I can not agree. The proof, especially with the Russia Hearings, with Comey, and a few of the other people they interviewed. The right had beat around the bush questions(They seem to do this all the time, must be standard.) when the left pushes actual questions. They might fight for what they want, but by no means do they seem to care about anyone, except themselves.

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