Lisa Murkowski: Donald Trump’s behavior is “shameful and wrong,” but I “cannot vote to convict” him: The Republican senator complains about "rank partisanship," however she vows to back Trump despite his wrongdoing

The noise comes from the concurrent mess of things. People know Trump is behind all of the wrong doings, but it’s difficult to tag him with anything because he and his advisers KNOW what he has to do to avoid conviction. He literally tells people to not do something with the implications that they must. Manafort said this repeatedly in his testimony.

They say where’s the evidence. When we bring the evidence, they then say the action itself isn’t worthy of conviction and that there was nothing wrong from the beginning. Don’t you see it? They’ve got the game figured out. They can prolong and delay and deflect and gaslight - it doesn’t matter - as long as they they can spend the off days wreaking havoc with an illegitimately seated president with his illegitimately appointed Supreme Court Justices with his illegitimately seated Senate. The biggest problem here is that the president should never have been seated anyway. Let us not forget that Trump didn’t actually win the presidential election - he was elected through campaign interference, and for what purpose? As you can see today, the house of cards fell in favor - and for whom? The US?

Look at all of the people around him who have been falling on his sword. Look at all the cover ups - from the Mueller report with heavy revision by Barr, to the recent “declassified” witness reviews with hundreds of pages whited out. Look at all the false flags patriotism he and his supporters wave around as our country quickly marches towards fascism.

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