Loneliness sucks, but just keep trying to better yourself and wait for the right one.

Yeah. I just think the problem is that people want someone with these qualities, when they don't embody the qualities them-self.

IDK. I'm just in a shitty mood right now and feel like ranting in general, and I actually have strong feelings about this topic so here's a random rant.

People are fucking boring. I don't know why, but it's like people fucking strive to be boring. I swear to god some people make it their life goal to be as boring as possible. This is the fucking problem right here. I don't think the problem is that people are putting too much pressure on their SO, I think the problem is they don't put enough pressure on themselves.

I really don't think I have that interesting of a life. I don't think my life goals or dreams are outlandish, but I know what I want and I put some effort into making those dreams a reality. I want to run a successful website. So in my free time I make websites. Nothing special.

When people ask what I've been up to, I tell them. I've been making a website. blah blah. When I ask them, it's almost always the same shit. "Oh you know the usual, just been working." It's like, yeah that's cool but what do you do in your free time? "Not much, just watch tv or chill." Gym? Hobbies? Anything? "Nope not really, don't have the time."

Like. Fuck you. You have the time. I go to school. I do homework. I do the same shit you do, and I have the time. You're just fucking boring and lazy.

and you know what, that's fine I really don't care. But I'm just so sick and tired of hearing friends complain about asinine shit like how their relationship sucks because of this or that when the problem is clear, like your girlfriend is fucking boring because you're fucking boring. You want an interesting girlfriend? Be an interesting person.

It's like when fat people won't date other fat people. Like. You're fat too. Don't be surprised when most skinny people won't date you because you're fat.

It's like everyone's walking through life dead and has no passion for anything. My girlfriend has a passion for gardening. I don't like gardening and I don't even understand why she likes it. But the fact that she's passionate about anything is attractive. It amazes me how many people out there seem to have no interests outside of TV and facebook.

idk again, bad mood. I'll probably delete this later. I'm probably just jaded.

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