I’m 26 and I feel like I’m too old to still be struggling

Hey, I'm almost 26 and literally listening to Dear Evan Hansen right now! (Requiem, to be specific). It's not childish of you to be struggling. I'm in the same situation. I am nowhere near getting married or having kids. I waste my days agonizing over really stupid stuff, yet it doesn't feel stupid in my head, it feels like the worst things in the world because I catastrophize and obsess about the outcome. You can share your story with me, I won't judge! I went to a doctor for the first time recently and just burst into tears as soon as I sat down. I hadn't even met that doctor before, yet it just came pouring out. It hasn't actually changed anything though. I still feel the same way. Anyway, my point is you are NOT too old to be feeling this way. If anything, I actually feel worse the older I get because nothing is changing and things are just getting worse as I get older and achieve less. If you do want to talk, feel free to PM me or just reply to this. I hope you feel at least a teeny bit better.

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