Made a Color Shifting Gown for Funsies. Details in Comment

I've made yet another Deer & Doe Magnolia dress, this one with modified sleeves! Once again, I made the non-plunge bodice with the maxi length, & long sleeves. I was going for fancy this time, so I used a gorgeous gold/lavendar color shifting silky poly-rayon woven from my stash. It was slinky, shifty, frayed a ton, ergo was on the challenging side to work with, but I think it paid off.

In terms of pattern mods, I completely omitted a zipper/closure in this dress. I can get in this dress easily without, so I just don't bother. I did alter the sleeves by raising the sleeve cap & slashing & spreading the entire sleeve a metric ton to get an absolutely ridiculous amount of poof. I do think I may have over-poofed, because I feel these sleeves really enhance my upside down strawberry silhouette & broad AF shoulders, which does not fully spark joy for me. Live and learn.

I cut the size that matched my bust & waist, & kept my standard fit modification for this pattern, which is taking in the bust at the side seams. It's drafted for a C cup, so that's my very dirty version of a small bust adjustment here. My hips are 2 sizes smaller than my top, but I don't bother blending the sizes down at the hip here. I also significantly lowered the height of the slit.

Otherwise, the dress is entirely unlined (bold move, Cotton). I bound the neckline with bias tape I made out of some scrap cotton voile I had from another project. As a side note, you CANNOT skip the staystitching on this neckline. It will gape. Seriously...staystitch that neckline as soon as you cut the bodice. I serged the edges for finishing & the length was just long enough for a small rolled hem for me.

And that's it!

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