Why do so many go from mormon to faithless?

What about the idea of a creator entering his own creation because he cares so much for it that he would be willing to save it? Does that sound better?

Nope, it still sounds disgusting. And bat shit crazy. If I ever show love by trying to enter one of my creations, I hope I get institutionalized first.

Did you honestly cry over the death, bloodshed, disease spreading, struggle for life that is evolution??

Don't be silly. I saw firsthand death, bloodshed, disease and struggle all around me before I learned about evolution. But I also believed in an omniscient and omnipotent God who allowed it to happen, and according to the Bible even endorsed it. That thought disgusted me beyond all comprehension.

I now understand genetics and the random way that DNA gets jostled and mixed to create a new life form. It's an imperfect process, but a beautiful one. There isn't a God creating handicaps or mental illness or devastating chromosomal abnormality or children who will live only a few painful years and then die excruciating deaths. It's a somewhat random assortment that, despite all the incredible odds, usually creates fully formed and functional individuals. It explains the Down syndrome baby, the Klinefelter's Man, the Bipolar teen. They will never have to wonder why God wanted to make life harder for them.

The really beautiful part about evolution is how we humans have tried to eliminate the nastier side effects of "survival of the fittest". We created laws and communities and learned how to grow more food on less land. Modern technology and medicine are making huge strides to try to allow as many of us to live as comfortably as possible.

The answers are unbelievable!

Only if you don't understand them. When I left the LDS church, it's because nothing they said added up. When I embraced evolution, it's because everything made perfect sense. The clarity I experienced was based on evidence, not belief, and it was astounding. I'm truly sorry for you if you can't see that, but I won't argue it with you. This sub is full of people who have learned to weigh evidence, and we are rather good at it. You won't find many people here who agree with your stance on evolution.

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