Meet Officer Christopher John Sayeski

So this is my town where I live. I’ve actually had several encounters with him. When I got in a small fender bender, he was one of the cops there and he was so helpful to me. He gave me his card to in case I needed to get a hold of him. I messaged him because the people who hit me only gave me their contact information but not insurance. So we exchanged texts about the situation. He would always say “if you ever need anything let me know,” blah blah. He would also just randomly text asking how the situation was and how things were. It felt a bit weird but I wanted to have a keep rapport cause I wanted to have a cop on my side if anything. It would be weird when he would randomly text just asking how things were and he kept wanting the conversation to keep going but it would just turn awkward because we hardly knew each other. Eventually it stoped when I mentioned I was going on a date (with my current spouse now). But he did try to pull me over and he immediately recognized me and just asked how things were and let me go. Another time my mom called the cops on my dad (long story) and of course he was the one called, he said hi again and gave me his card again to in case I ever needed him. He seemed like a civil cop there are a couple articles about him saving peoples lives I guess. I did feel something a bit off with him always wanting to engage in conversation and being flirty but I just chalked it up him being super friendly and engaging. I guess I am not surprised, he was persistent and flirty but using his Position is what makes it gross. I am disappointed he’s not being entirely held accountable for what he’s done. But i guess cops seem to get a pass

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