[MEME]Be better than the rhetoric

You’re not wrong, but not necessarily right either.
Because immigrants are often far more successful than people born in the US.
And if the system really tried to bring those who are not white down. How come these immigrants are often more successful?
Yes, some people have it worse, but some people have it nice and a loving family, but would much rather choose a live on the streets with their friends.
I just watched a video of a homeless white dude, who said that he regrets to have listened to his friends rather than his parents.
He’s been doing crack for 20 years now, his family is wealthy, but he listened to the wrong people and is now homeless and a drug addict.
It’s not the system telling you to do drugs or take that gun to rob someone, it’s your “homie”.
But yes, some people just grow up poor, but many people use their skin colour, gender, sexual preference as an excuse, when in reality they’re just either disadvantaged or a shitty individual.
It’s like a Karen who thinks she is in the right because “customers are always right!”

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