Men, beside your primary/secondary sex characteristics, what do YOU think makes you a man?

Love this comment.

I started this thread as what would one day possibly be called a fifth wave feminist, my feminism is highly based on the idea that womanhood is being cheapened and erased by certain agendas. That it is being boiled down to makeup, breasts, long hair and a horrible, cheapened stereotypical female trope we've been trying to get rid of for years. I feel insulted that we're right back to being boiled down to these things again by people who do not have vaginas.

I then began to wonder, what do men feel makes them men. Aside from having a penis and a low pitched voice, what is a part of manliness nobody else but a natural born man could encompass. Because as a woman, I feel like inherently, I even MOVE in a way nobody could ever mimic, even while just typing or brushing my hair.

Hope you don't take this as me being some sort of hateful, transphobic, man hating AND woman hating maniac. Just a normal person worried about both females and males being cheapened and their identifying characteristics being cartooned and inflated, while their inherent values and what they're really built on being ignored.

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