Men, have you ever turned down sex from a woman. Why?

While at a good friends 21st another friends brother had a friend of his tag along, when it was just 'the boys' left wandering bar to bar she offered to have sex with the birthday boy and when she got turned down, another turned to another friend, and got turned down again. Everyone was relatively sober except her. She got asked to leave under the guise of 'We'd prefer it be just us guys' but really it was because she was just making everyone uncomfortable.

Fast forward to the next 21st, she's there and is trashed again. She follows me out to the beach front and proceeds to offer me sex, I placate her with a 'maybe later'. She spends the next hour or so getting wasted, ends up throwing up while I hold her hair, feed her water and eventually put her to bed. Even while she's near passed out she manages to say 'You should stay so we can fuck', I just say 'Let me go get my drink...' and just never returned.

She was a mess, far too wasted and even if she wasn't drunk I wasn't attracted to her sexually and she was obviously using sex to fuel her self worth. I felt bad for her in all honesty.

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