Merry Christmas! Remember Israel is an Apartheid State!

I've posted about Islam on numerous occasions, including today. I'm Asharite Shia, asshadu la illah ha il allah, wa Ali sharrif Illah, not that it means anything to you.

It means fuck all to me.

Seriously, what is it with Islamophobes and thinking any mention of pigs or bacon will make us explode?

Nothing Islamophobic ( good work though truly assimilating the Israeli culture though and playing the victim card, shalom). You made a stupid point as if being a muslim gives you powers to excuse Israels crimes. I just made a stupid reply using an animal to a stupid statement that used an animal.

Wow, shitlord, so much rrreeeeeeeeeee and edge

Ooooo shitlord and a rrrrrreeee, arent you the foul mouthed 12 year old. They teach you that at the madrasa or the uncle tom sessions at the synagogue ?

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