Meta Problems

Trapper has to be far/hidden from monster. That can equate to a >>lot of things including but not limited to being close to support. >>Agreed that it makes Laz+Griffin a tough pairing. 2)no one has heals, so most fights start with someone at best3/4 health This doesn't matter as much unless it's the trapper. Implicit in this case is the assumption that players don't have to alter their play style e.g. getting/farming health regen; coming to Laz instead of always outrunning him; running into every mammoth bird on the map; playing Trapper like you're chasing down a gazelle versus allowing your teammates to flush the monster into your arena. 3)when a hunter goes down Laz has to stop doing damage Laz doesn't do damage. He sets up his teammates to do more damage. His weak spots last long enough to get a rez in without losing them or losing them for long. That leaves two hunters to fight a monster Two hunters DPSing a monster going out of his mind to find Laz and/or prevent a rez is one of my favorite moments in this game. even when I play against good people Otherwise good players can be bad teammates with Lazarus when they don't (or don't know they should) alter their play style. Because no one wants their…support to be doing damage instead of…supporting So Hank is the only viable support by this criteria. Because no one wants their medic…to be doing damage instead of healing Laz's rez is the single most powerful heal in the game. It's why during a chase players will opt to get downed by wildlife to be rez'd instead of being near Laz for 3 heal bursts. Because no one wants their medic and support to be doing damage instead of healing and supporting. Overly broad generalization. As long a combo is viable I'd rather have variation over sameness. That's why the Caira nerf was important. It's why I'm a Lazarus fan; Val and Caira have more similarities than differences. Likewise for support; I'm glad support isn't just three shades of Hank. What players say/what I hear "Laz is bad." I'm bad at playing with Laz as a teammate. "Laz never heals me." I tunnel throughout a chase, never coordinating to receive heals. In a fight, I make Laz come to me and the monster instead of meeting him halfway. Me: "Laz + Parnell is a tough pairing, not because of Super Soldier, but because he doesn't have mines/grenades." Them: "Parnell just needs to get health regen." I don't listen. I don't understand how Parnell's lack of area denial complicates monsters camping incapped/dead teammate. "No one plays Laz competitively, therefore Laz is bad." I don't understand false cause and fail to recognize that the true cause was Caira's pre-nerf strength. Laz isn't bad; Laz is hard. That may mean he's a bad choice for a PUG; that's not the same as being "the worst medic" as I hear over and over again. The worst medic title previously went to Val, though after Val-buff and Caira-nerf, all three medics are pretty close now.

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