'This might be bad': US officials finally admit Coronavirus will be a pandemic with schools and businesses forced to close | The CDC has confirmed 53 cases in the US

Family medicine physician here. I hope everyone reads your post. 80% of what I see in urgent care requires intervention you can buy in a pharmacy over the counter and are a complete waste of a copay. Surely, gaining reassurance from a physician is important is a few instances, but in l addition to the number of true cases that are best managed supportively we are also going to see everyone with a sniffle come to the ED, urgent cares, primary care offices with no real reliable ability to manage their condition.

For the millionth time, your body will tell you when something is a really wrong. Otherwise a temperature of 99.0, a stuffy nose, and a sore throat are 95% of the time best managed at home. Stay there.

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