Minor demasculinization hormone therapy for an AMAB genderfluid individual?

Low doses of oestrogen, with or without a tiny bit of AA, can give you softer skin/less deep wrinkles/less acne, which might make you look younger — but that's about all it will do, i.e. it won't make you androgynous. The amount it would take to slow beard growth or halt male pattern baldness, for example, is in higher feminisation ranges which is likely to give you gyno or redistribute fat also.

I take 20 mg of testosterone cypionate and 4mg of injectable oestradiol valerate a week (I will probably switch to oestradiol cypionate in the future to make shots less frequent), but because I don't produce much of my own sex hormones and being on oestrogen by itself makes me feel horrible due to autoimmune conditions. I also had most of my breast tissue removed so I am not worried about developing breasts. If you ignore the beard, I look somewhat androgynous — but I do not think such a regimen would work for you if you have functional gonads that produce their own male ranges of testosterone, as you would just be adding slightly more testosterone, increasing masculinisation, and counteracting a little of that with the oestrogen.

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