MMR just doesn't work well with Promotion Series'

jokes aside, i agree with arthur's comment

  • first of all, the main point of solo queue ratings is to show how good a single player ( solo = a thing done by one person unaccompanied - via. google) is at making sure games are won while dealing all of these random factors, from extremely good teammates to feeders and trolls, good or bad luck, just as arthur says, the elo rating is made for a long term climb to the desired placement, and be sure that even if a player gets lucky and gets win streak after win streak because of his luck of good teams, eventually on that climb he will get to the point where he will need his own skill in making the team work so the win is guaranteed, and surely if his skill level is not good enough for his placement he will fall to his deserved placement Edit: the LP decay over time does no more than to ensure this balance, because to remain at a high ranking one must play continously, and the more a person plays the less the chance luck will be a factor that will decide that person's placement, while skill will definitely be a factor every single game

  • second, be sure that other players that are in high rankings and remain there had to deal with the same climb and the same good/bad luck randomization yet they remain at their rankings, and the only reason for that is that their skill level is what keeps them in their certain ranking

  • third, to see things in a more positive perspective 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger', the fact that randomly you can end up playing against high level players that woop your ass * ahem *, only helps you because from the way they played, their serious playstyle, and so on, you have an enormous amount of things you can learn and that can help you get better yourself

  • and lastly, league of legends is a beautiful game, and even if my opinion may be unpopular, it's a very realistic game, because, it can be random unstable and unfair, JUST LIKE LIFE, and playing the game can actually give you some priceless life lessons of how to deal with tough situations where your luck is against you and the only thing keeping you alive is your skill and knowledge, so i prefer to take a step back, and admit my mistakes in my playstyle and applause the game itself for the tremendous lessons it has to offer and it honestly has offered me so far .

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