Mohawk College cancelled my program mid-way through completion?

I'm relatively certain it's not that they can't run it. They are still running the other trades programs which include in-shop time (plumbing, welding, etc.) and based on Mohawk's own info release, they are being limited to 50 persons in a shop at any time. For contrast, my shop class last year had about 30 students at best. The program could have still run with a maximum on the intake. Unless they can provide proof that it was cancelled last minute with zero notice to the students specifically because they cannot run the program safely under provincial law, then I am under the belief that they CAN but they find it too costly - and if they are looking to save money, why shouldn't I be too?

Why would they give me less than 3 weeks notice that it's cancelled? Does that honestly sound like a reasonable timeline to you, considering all the decisions that have to be made before classes begin (acquiring loans, securing a living situation, moving to a new city, etc.) And does it seem reasonable to offer other trades courses that include in-shop time and often had larger classes than my (rather small/niche) program?

This was a pretty crappy and ill thought out response from you, considering you have no proof that the program CANNOT be run (versus CHOOSING not to run it). Secondarily, you completely disregarded the fact that less than two months ago I was told the program would indeed still be running - and then less than a month before classes are set to begin, the entire program is cancelled with ZERO notice (I only found out by directly calling to inquire about my registration, despite having a registered mohawk student account/inbox, and despite being registered for the very program that was cancelled). I was under the impression that verbal contracts are still contracts.

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