More than 800 Houston ISD teachers say they won't be returning to the classroom next year

This is a universal issue tbh, especially in cultures where "respect to elders" is long gone.

I grew up in a fairly tame high school in Australia in the 2010s, and so many students constantly kept picking fights with the most respectful teachers like they had a personal vendetta to want them dead.

I witnessed male students eager to get into fist-fights with male teachers, screaming at them to "swing", while they're taking off their shirt and doing their stupid arm-wide stance and glaring at them 2 inches from their face like some kind of an animal.

I witnessed groups of female students getting into screaming matches with female teachers, getting under her skin with some straight-up psychological warfare tactics (telling them they're unloved/unwanted/ugly) until the teacher ends up in tears.

And all those students would, at most, get a 1-3 day suspension. Nobody in my year had to repeat a grade, nobody got arrested, everyone graduated in the end.

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