"Most of these sexual assaults are women waking up the next morning with a guilt complex.That ain’t rape, that’s being stupid." - South Georgia college police chief's statements in college newspaper following a true sexual assault on campus

False claims aren't rare at all. I was known as a playboy for a while by alot of women at my tech school in the USAF, so weekly I was questioned by police and sergeants concearning "unwanted sexual advances". In response, I started recording every single session and letting them know I was. Most of them thought I was joking, and several afterwards went and reported it as a rape even knowing I had evidence to the contrary. I had both of the two that filed a full unrestricted report against me discharged under "other than honorable" conditions and have collectively had 3 stripes removed from female airmen and 1 from a male (during the very grey area of DADT). I truly believe they all deserved it if not worse for trying to destroy my life on a whim, and I was glad to see several of them ridiculed in meetings with the (female) first shirt.

My friend was accused (along with 4 other men) of violently gang raping a female airman at a party. He had video evidence eventually proving he couldn't have done it, and the female later broke down and admitted in her courts martial that she had lied. She was discharged, but the stigma of getting a rape-based courts martial that was given MASSIVE media attention because of the whole "all military men are rapist pigs" movement (a crusade that continues to this day) had 2 airmen lose 1 stripe each and one discharged because of unrelated things that came to light when the US levied the charges against him. So what really happened? She got drunk at a party and asked them to gangbang her, to which 3 of them refused. The other 2 had sex with her separately and it was VERY obvious when the one guy left the room and the other entered that they were tag-teaming her, and she developed a reputation immediately. In response she cried rape and the rest is history.

My friend later committed suicide because of her.

So no, I don't regret trashing the careers of several women (and a man) that have cried wolf against me, and wish more would try so we can weed them out from the decent ones.

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