My (42m) partner (40f) still has (many) photos of her ex husband on FB and Instagram but none of me.

I have zero plans of erasing pics of my ex wife from my social media accounts. That is part of my history and I see no reason to erase history. There are some good memories there and someone else insecurities aren't gonna make me change my mind.

Her reasons for keeping the photos are pretty lame,

it wouldnt matter the reason, you will find it lame regardless. That is how jealousy works. As for posting a pic of you? Maybe she isnt on much? you are mentioned in her other social media, so whats the big deal? If you want to make it past 6 months you might want to cut the notion of controlling someones past or what they keep around.

I hear some people even keep whole albums of wedding pics, of their exes. No idea how long they were together but I am betting it was a lot longer than 6 months

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