My boyfriend (27M) called me (21F) a "stupid f*cking c*nt"

I get that. I admit that would be intrusive in many relationships, and it's not exactly something I make a habit of doing, so maybe it was weird to include it.

Someone I was seeing for a very long time moved across the country and hated having to set up their whole apartment, so I did all that stuff while they were at work because I enjoy organizing and they hate it. Put together some furniture and found places for it, decided where to store stuff, etc. That's kind of what I was thinking of. I'm not a total crazy person, haha. It really just depends on the boundaries set in your relationship, and in a relationship with stricter boundaries about that stuff, I would act very differently.

I guess my point was just that its super weird that OP's SO is being insane about their shared space. Even if I did act crazy and moved an SO's stuff when they didn't want me to, they wouldn't call me a c**t.

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