So my brother and his girlfriend has been living in my moms basement for about 2 years now and refuses to kick them out.. This is what the basement looks like.

I went through this at 15. My sister moved out and had a kid, my life was PERFECT. It was just me and my parents and I had peace, quiet, and life was just better. Then my sister and her husband had to move back in with their always-crying 1 year old. I cant explain how much I HATED them for it. As a matter of fact it sent me into a depression and I resented her for it. Baby always crying, them eating all the snacks and leftovers, the list goes on. The one thing I didnt do however was record some “conditions” and post it to the internet to get validation and exact revenge on the thing that had wronged me so much, because A.) its no one’s business what their room looks like, and B.) you’re just pissed because they eat all the Doritos and hog the TV. The whole “health concern” is feigned. You’re raging. And that’s okay. But posting it on the internet just makes you suck, and stay in your own room. They’re not flicking your light on and filming all your crusty nut socks stuffed under your mattress, are they?

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