My college doesn't want us to make popcorn in their shitty microwaves

My dorm was essentially a converted hotel and because of the number of rooms we'd get burnt popcorn fire alarms all the time. They especially sucked in the winter because Montreal is fucking cold and the wind would tunnel down the streets.

Then one day... a girl had candles in her dorm room and somehow got them to light the curtains on fire. She then proceeded to panic and lock herself out of her dorm room (hotel style locking doors). Instead of pulling the fire alarm, she took the slow-ass elevator to the lobby to tell security. The floor RA went to the room with a fire extinguisher, but by the time he opened the door the room was lit. Luckily the fire suppression sprinklers kicked on and killed the fire. Unfortunately, the water began flooding the rooms below and the hallway until it was turned off. She was on floor 13. The school then had to buy out the local hotels to hold the displaced students.

Candles: $5


Stupidity: Priceless


Total Cost: Probably over a $1,000,000

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