my life is a mess (software engineering intern pregnancy)

I am taking courses currently and working minimal hours just to stay in the loop with my team, but that will change next semester. At this point I'm not terribly worried about losing out on interesting projects (that really stinks that you are having to worry about it, though), because they don't typically assign too much interesting stuff to interns anyway, but I am worried about how I'll be seen and the impacts pregnancy might have on my getting a job offer at the end of the summer - they typically give out offer letters at the end of the summer/beginning of your graduation year. And if I only work half the summer will I get an offer? Who knows.

I am pretty worried about losing out on experience by not working/taking time off for the birth, but I will have several years experience with this company at the end of this year, and I have some other experience doing research in a lab before that.

Thanks for the vote on not leaving my job yet, I'm leaning that way but its hard not to feel like I'm tricking them/failing my baby/not prioritizing my education.

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