My Little Sister Charmed the Hell's Angels Outside Restaurant While on Vacation in Arkansas 1986

HAHAHA! Excellent observation there. Yes, that’s her. The story as my dad explained it this morning was that My parents stopped at a restaurant while driving through Arkansas and the place was packed with bikers from ‘Hells Angels.’ My sister at this time had quite the personality and would catch everyone’s attention in seconds. She had almost white natural ringlets in her hair and bright blue eyes; everyone called her Shirley Temple. My dad, in retrospect, explained how terrified he was in the restaurant because of the stories he had heard about the biker gang at the time. He said it was almost unreal how quickly they changed from rough tough bikers to big ol’ softies when she got up from our table and ran over to their table and introduced herself. Haha. I though it would be a neat story and photo to share on here. :)

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