My long-term friend (25F) didn’t pick me (26F) as a bridesmaid for her wedding

Do you think she's the type to go "I don't want shoulder tats showing in my wedding pics"? (depending on the dress she picks). My good friend's sister is heavily tattooed and she didn't care, but the sister was like, "Do you want me to cover my tats? Wear a shawl?" My friend was like, "I don't give a shit if you get a face tattoo, you don't have to cover them if you don't want to." Her sister did choose to wear a shawl just because she felt like some of their relatives might make shitty comments but my friend didn't care either way. But some people are weird about stuff like that on their "big day." (Which I don't get, I was just thrilled that my closest friends wanted to be by my side on such an important day, but some people's priorities are different)

It seems like she didn't mean this as a slight but it definitely shows where she prioritizes your friend. I would probably skip the bachelorette because I'd resent spending money on it after feeling left out, and nobody needs that. Would rather use that money for myself/my savings/on something that didn't make me feel bad.

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