My mom now knows that I smoke weed

Obviously everyone's situation is different, but this is mine. I started smoking at 16 and it was an absolute god send. No longer was I seeking endless anxiety-driven attention and even humiliating people for my personal gain, it was like I had found the reason I am on this planet. I had already been heavily addicted to online games for 4 years by this point and my dad had left my mum to go to mainland Europe, so I was a loose canon, very little discipline academically.

Fortunately I have been permanently employed since the age of 11, so grades or no grades, I could earn my keep. I think self-sufficiency is absolutely necessary, whether it's studying or working or whatever. Dropped out of college at 18 and became a full time kitchen assistant. Took about 6 months before I was like "Nope" and went back into education, doing general IT.

Didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, something to do with computers. So plodded along at college and just about scraped the grades I needed to go to Uni. Took a gap year, went to see my dad in France age 20/21, realised I wanted to become a graphic designer - an occupation which works really well with heavy ganja use. Moved out at 21. I'm 33 now and the companies I own have done really well, I've smoked all day every day right the way through (except a few T breaks over the years). It's not something everyone can do, but it has worked for me.

Unfortunately we've voted to Brexit and most people in the UK are getting really nervy about investing seriously, we're meant to be leaving the EU in 6 months and nothing has been agreed with regards to what is going to happen after we leave. The pound has lost 20% of it's value and the economy is gradually grinding to a halt. It's all doom and gloom and I've decided it's time for a T break, on my 4th day today.

Like u/zekobunny says, I have always obsessed about proving that you can be a successful stoner, and I feel like a successful stoner. Time is money, friend.

Sorry about the rant. All the best to you.

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