My opinion on SPD

I don't take Wikipedia as gospel and I treat the traits the same way. I find a lot of people who identify with a P.D do it because they want a neat little box to pigeon hole their selves in so they feel belonged. In reality if they actually met someone with a personality disorder either it be clear or you would never notice them and somehow people can recognize a P.D in their selves because they read and think "That's me !" The same as those trying to validate their victim mentality who go on wanting to live their lives as victims because now they have a label that makes them feel complete ... like that's not what those labels are for. You don't just go about telling people they're schizoid, they have trauma, they have ASPD, you have NPD etc .. It wouldn't suprise me if these diagnosis were removed and just condensed under psychotic and not psychotic.

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