Need help with pregnant wife in time of coronavirus

I like this.

“Okay honey, let’s make a list of all your coronavirus rules and agree to them in writing with the counsellor”

The other thing I’d add is that your wife’s hormones are probably crazy right now. My wife just gave birth a few months ago. The last month or two I just stayed away from her. Ask if she needs anything, give her a hug, then go hang out in another room for the rest of the night and come to bed after she was already asleep. She was hot all the time, and grumpy. I just gave her space.

That being said, I’d never do something 100% irrational like avoid a bike ride, or leave mail outside for 3 weeks. That is complete nonsense. Everyone needs boundaries. Mine is that you can ask me to do things I may not agree with, and that’s fine because compromise is part of a relationship. Example- if my wife wants to buy a pink pillow and I want a blue pillow, maybe you just let her get pink even though you don’t like that color. Or maybe she asks you to put dishes in the cupboard facing a certain direction.. okay a bit weird, but I see the logic. She wants it to look nice.

HOWEVER if you ask me to do some whacked out shit like tell me I can’t go to the grocery store during a full moon, or I need to microwave my mail and quarantine it for 3 weeks.. sorry, but no. Not gonna enable that type of behavior.

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