Need more help for Team Guides project!

Here's a general template to work from, but feel free to deviate from it some based on your style or knowledge. You could also check out this one ( which was already completed for some ideas.

Need it as soon as possible, but posted by Thursday at the latest. PM a draft back to me before you post it so I can proofread it.

Thanks for helping out!

[](#team flair here) "Team Name" Team Guide


Short description of the team's recent tournament results and roster changes, mostly focusing on AW and Ghosts, but can include any other details you feel are relevant to people's understanding of the competitive team.

Include any team twitters

About the Roster

Player 1 (include player twitter)

Include a paragraph about the player's history in competitive gaming - notable placings, teams changes, etc.

Include a paragraph or two of their playstyle. What is he good/bad at? How does he play in each gamemode? How does he fit in with the team? Does he have a concrete role (slayer, obj., etc.)? Which guns does he use on different gamemodes/maps? Is he a leader? Don't have to include all of that in here, just some ideas.

Player 2

Same as above.

Player 3

Same as above.

Player 4

Same as above.

Gamemode Analysis

Anything about the team's in-game performance that doesn't fall into one of the following gamemode categories can go here.


Analyze how the team plays the gamemode and how good it is at it. What are its best/worst maps?


Same as above.


Same as above.


Same as above.

Conclusion (and any credits if you received any help while making this)

Overall, where do they stand in comparison to other teams? What range of placings would you expect them to get in the upcoming events?

This section can be more opinionated than the previous sections.

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