Never do well in one-on-one meetings with professors or bosses

Society says it's a flaw, I think we're just straight shooters lol. I actually don't think our traits are a problem, but that social conditioning demands people play roles 24/7 and we can't easily do that. tbh I think it's abnormal that society encourages people to go around projecting false images of themselves.

In my experience interactions are mostly about fear and control. Fear of how someone sees you, fear of what someone is thinking, fear of what they will say/do, etc. I think that's why most people are afraid of awkward silences or interpret silence as anger. People are always performing because they fear other people's thoughts and are seeking to control how others are thinking through constant verbalization and role-playing. In the past, when I went to banks I would compulsively verbalize with tellers because I had this bizarre anxiety that they thought I would hold up the bank LMFAO. Because I was afraid of my own thoughts, I was afraid of other's thoughts and tried to "intercept" any bad things they might be thinking through constant talking, forced laughter, small talk.

And one of the most liberating things I've learned is that people can't help but see you in relation to themselves. Interactions are only ever about a desire to protect the self-image or boost it. I see it all the time in interactions. And still I do it sometimes, but I try not to because I find this egocentric way of interacting tiring, unpredictable and manipulative for both me and them. But when I have to interact with people who have influence over me (meetings w/ profs etc) I mirror the other person's energy with frequent nodding. I still ruminate over being awkward in social interactions but not as often as I once did. I try to remember that because 1) I can't geniuely know how someone interpreted something I said/did it's a waste of energy thinking about it. We're all "trapped in our own consciousness" type of bag 2) I don't even know this person's name and/or I don't want a relationship w/ them so what they think is of no consequence 3) Even if they did think something negative it is quite literally only their interpretation. All of this is easier said than done of course. :P

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