I think the new OP is my favorite! The more I listen to it, the more I love it!!!

Okay I'm tagging these as spoilers even though they really aren't anything but my thoughts.

[Anime Spoilers]( #s "It's obviously telling the story of how titans came to be. So the very first still is some chick making a deal with the devil or something to become a a titan and I think she's the titan in the next image. All the people are freaking out like who the heck is this giant naked lady coming at us. So I think she's one of the first people that can become titans.

I don't know how that relates to the other images but there are some cannibal children possibly influenced by the church or maybe the king, not really sure. Then they become the titans that are like coming out of the water and attacking the city on the coast. The titans demolish a ton of people and stuff.

Then there's like a line of titans all standing together, maybe they're like the wall or something since we know now that there are titans in the wall.

Then all the surviving people go and try to find safety in a new place.

The more I typed this out, the less it made sense haha. That's just the general information I got from it and honestly half of that was from watching the ending like 10 more times.")

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