New Trump Hire Anthony Scaramucci Deletes Old Tweets Bashing Trump

Scaramucci was part of the transition and was expected to be Trump's "business liason", which fell through due to 'ethics concerns", regarding his selling of his hedgefund "SkyBridge" to some Chinese company.

Just a few days before Trump's inauguration,

[Scaramucci met] with Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, a $10 billion state-run investment vehicle, is the first public contact between the incoming administration and Kremlin-backed business. Trump has suggested he could ease the sanctions on Russia if the Kremlin cooperates on his policy priorities. Scaramucci confirmed the Davos meeting.

then 2 days later

"In a letter to Mnuchin dated January 19, Cardin and fellow Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren asked him to investigate whether Scaramucci violated current US sanctions law in his contact with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), "and whether he may have facilitated, or otherwise promoted, prohibited transactions between the RDIF, or any other sanctioned entity."

There has been some reported frustration that Trump's Treasurey Secretary Mnuchin has failed to follow up with requests to investigate these meetings.

Yes, there as a retracted CNN story about Scaramucci being investigated by the Senate Intelligence Committee, but that doesn't mean all of Scaramucci's meeings and dealings are suddenly fake news.

So, let us see...

Supported democrats. Like Obama. Has a seemingly irreconcilable political philosophy relative to Donald Trump. Trashed Donald Trump in savage, long form rants. His twitter is being unearthed as a deep time sediment trove of anti-Donald Trump declarations.

Then all of a sudden.

He loves him. He loves him.

I wonder if he owes someone a favor.

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