No, Universal Healthcare is NOT bad for the society.

From Social Security? Perhaps the wealthiest that pay the most in taxes. But it's hard to argue they're actually getting the short end of the stick overall. They're the ones benefiting the most from society.

This is a subjective viewpoint.

Again, it's more guaranteed than anything else.

But thats just factually incorrect. The only thing that they COULD guarantee is that I could keep my money and manage it how I see fit. That is a guarantee that they could make and absolutely follow through with 100% of the time until death do the world apart.

But they don't guarantee that, and instead they give you the possibility of getting your money back, and historically speaking, at a far worse rate of return.

The definition of guarantee does not suit your argument, one could say "Based on the past they will give you some money, there's an extremely low chance of the government failing to deliver"

But that's not a guarantee. That's just using historical data to predict a future outcome that may or may not happen.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Regardless, I don't think we're going to come to an agreement here, but it was a nice discussion, to say the least. I appreciate your civility!

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