"Not everyone can just earn shit"

Listen to me cause I'm not gonna tell you over and over.

I'm in more or less the same situation, severe depression, anxiety and self worth problems stemming from a traumatic childhood owing to aspergers syndrome.

I have become obese over the last 5 years of deppression, when I used to be an extremely fit competitive swimmer. I also have had a complete knee reconstruction around that time and have trouble walking.

I lack significant social ties and up until recently didn't have a decent job or tertiary education.

This was all true until this last January. Structure and sense of purpose combat these problems, but jobs can become soul crushing and may not be too much pressure early on. For me my lack of self worth is heavily tied to past struggles with overcoming the hurdles of my autism.

What you need is to start with volunteer work, getting it will seem hard, but it is infinitely easier than getting a job. It gives you purpose, structure and a reason to feel good about who you are. It won't fix everything, but the amount it helps is ridiculous.

Since I've started I feel like a completely new person and I can offer help that simply wasn't available for me. Currently I assist severely (and a few mildly) disabled children with horse riding (despite literally never being near horses in anyway until my first day) and am soon to be working as a volunteer at a special needs school.

You'll find talents you didn't know you had, for instance I found out that using specific skills I learned to deal with my lack of innate social skills I can interpret non-verbal children easily. When someone out there gets their message, their face just lights up (Ironic phrasing unintended).

The unfortunate truth is when you're depressed people slowly stop being supportive because they're exhausted, quite frankly depression makes us into assholes and we don't even notice.

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