[OC] What broke our Wizard

For instance, just as an extra.

So Roll20 rolls each number independently with math for entropy as stated correct?

But, human beings tend to roll all these dice at once.

The dice hitting each other, bounce, how long they roll all tend to have some sort of consequence. But even pure statistically, the most common roll for 2-D6 should be 7. With, and its early ATM so this might be off, 6/36 possibilities? If i recall.

With 5 and 8 being just below and so forth, thus basically it should bell curve.

I think the top of the bell curve for 3d6 is 13? Or somewhere near there.

But...as we can see. Even if you roll dice for an hour with roll 20 it stays perfectly flat.

So every number roller independently of each other , you will always have that flat distribution. Which is very noticeable.

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