It's official: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new Republican bogeyman

Anyone speaking truth to power, especially when that power is actively trying to suppress both the truth (science, policy, reality, whatever have you) and the people they're supposed to represent, that person will become a target.

I'm really, really hoping that she doesn't become a target like Gabriel Giffords was. But, honestly, with the report about how on edge her staff is because of the constant death threats she receives, I wouldn't put it outside of the realm of possibilities. And, fun part, I think if that were to happen, a protest/strike after the fact would have been a bit...delayed. I think we should continue to target the advertisers on outlets, like Fox, which help to stir up people who are apt to go out and "do something about those evil Dem's." Lots of people on this threat appalled, Fox still had advertisers though...

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