On a German city celebrating Chanukah: "Isn't it about time modern Germans stopped carrying the guilt of the past century?" [+46]

They have this funny thing, Schrödinger's Europe, you know? Or Schrödinger's Scandinavia, at least. I can talk mostly about the latter: when they jerk about "scandinavia master race" it's where we are this paradise full of beautiful blondes ready to go to bed with them, with beautiful cities and free healthcare and awesome schools and nice scenery where everyone is nice to them and awesome beer and cool dudes and weird, great music where they think they're the main guy on that movie "eurotrip" (kill me now) and then they have the other Scandinavia when they get mad (generally when someone from here bursts their bubble in an argument) that becomes a Sharia law country, rape capital of Europe, where the girls are fat, hypergamous sluts, hysterical harpies, the men are p*ssies, the music is boring, the scenery is ugly and inferior to their hometown in the Midwest and the beer is so much less exciting then the microbrew they get in their cousin's house in butt-fuck USA and the healthcare sucks because it's free and free = commie and we don't have freedom so we should close our borders because if not we will lose our FREEDOM.

Etc. They're not the ones really doing it either because most of these people talking aren't even from Germany.

If you're talking about the assholes FROM Germany that are taking part on the neo-nazi marches IN Germany, you'd be surprised to know that a big portion of them are from Russia and Poland, which is super scary and blows my mind because you know, Hitler wanted them dead. The Germans in them are our equivalent of hicks and rednecks. They aren't welcome in normal society at all, they're SUCH minorities it isn't even funny, their drivel isn't entertained in conversation, it's criminal. They're not protected under "free speech", they go to jail. No one can say "the holocaust didn't exist" or "black people are x or y", it is criminal. It's hate speech, and hate speech is punishable by law, as it should be. These people only get traction on Reddit.

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