[PA] Maternity leave new hire

Just my opinion..After she starts, see how everything plays out. If she works out, you can cross that bridge when you get there i.e. unpaid leave. Don't make any promises at this time. Let them know they are unprotected. You can ask the president that in confidence.

You can go to bat for her with the president after she starts working. Maybe 60 days before her due date? That sounds reasonable to me.

I'm a big supporter of giving pregnant women leave regardless of FMLA status. If you can hire a temp or do without during that time, support working women and families!!

Personal take: It boggles my mind why employers don't just offer paid parental leave regardless. Also, why women are made to come back at 12 weeks just because that is the minimum fmla under the law. US is so behind the rest of the world in regard to this.

I wish I could have left my position for 6 months unpaid, they hired a temp, and then been rehired. Instead I was pushed out of the workforce.

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