Palestinians, Jordan Warn Trump Over Proposed Move of Israel Embassy to Jerusalem

I am no middle-eastern policy scholar, but don't both Israel and Palestine have nukes?

And don't they fuckin' hate each other? To the degree where one doesn't acknowledge the other's right to exist?

Mr. Trump, let's not kick over that hornet's nest by meddling in their shit. These two states are like two severely drunk frat-bros in a bar fight, each one holding a hand grenade with the pin pulled already. If either one drops first, everyone in the bar (read: world) dies.

Here's a fun fact - it only takes about 100 or so Hiroshima-sized atomic bombs (which are relatively tiny given today's technology), going off all at once, to trigger a cataclysmic nuclear winter scenario. All animal and plant life dies. Everywhere.

Israel/Palestine, India/Pakistan, these are all "the Dark Souls of diplomacy". Neither Trump, nor anyone in his cabinet, is capable of handling this smoothly.

For the love of god, just maintain the current status quo. Mr. Trump, you cannot fix this situation. You cannot treat it like a business deal. Just leave it alone, maintain the current peace as best you can, and leave it to your (hopefully) much smarter successor to sort out.

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