Partner Has Poor Hygiene, Want's Oral After 30 Days No Shower. Advice?

A lot of users are telling you to just leave him.

But you are human and you will probably start reading all those replies as the same and just start telling yourself that none of them understand you and your SO, and we don't get to read about how you fell in love with him.

So, you're mind seems pretty made up about that. For now, you are staying. This isn't you asking us, "how to break up with the father of my child"

This is about him showering more.

I am going to suggest you to start showering together! Or as together as young parents can.

My SO and I shower together all the time and it's sexy and fun and as an extra bonus, we know the other is clean! Also, shower sex. It works for some and it works reeeeally well for my guy and I lol

There's no harm in saving this post to read in a few years to compare his behavior now and then. Is he better or worse? I wish you luck! Please reach out if you ever want someone to talk with!

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