The People Dream of a President Who Will Take on Corporations - Broad, bipartisan swathes of the American people want a leader who will fight on their team against the entrenched power of corporate interests.

I know you meant “gall” but I had to chuckle at the image of myself training a seagull to call Biden limp dicked.

To answer your rhetorical question: yes, he’s ineffectual. Campaign promises forgotten, concessions made to DINOs that held his hallmark legislation hostage, tax cuts for the wealthy once again, apparent support of corporate donors over constituents. In other words, the exact same nothing I saw happen when Obama was President.

And you have to understand that by “nothing” I’m referring to a lack of progress for ensuring the integrity of the country. After eight years of Obama, how easy was it for Trump to waltz in and make a mockery of nearly ever sacred institution we once thought of as being airtight?

Bush, Trump, and the hundreds of congressional Republicans have one thing in common: they make progress toward their goals. As misguided or terrible as they may be, their objectives are always targeted and often reached. Democrats don’t. The ACA and Biden’s infrastructure bill will benefit some, and improve some lives. And the very next Republican President will quickly dismantle it or railroad any progress it is making. If Biden can’t see that his presidency is the fulcrum upon which the country will tilt permanently toward autocratic despots like Trump holding power, and he can’t act to stop that from being inevitable, nothing else he does will have any impact beyond his presidency.

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