People older than 65 share the most fake news, a new study finds

I do seasonal work down in Florida. There are multiple stations on the FM band that carry exclusively conservative talk radio, none of which are even Limbaugh.

I'm in a truck going out to the boonies, my morning commute consists of Kilmeade and Schnitt and then Michael Savage on the way home should I turn that station on. They don't even have Limbaugh, he's AM radio. The market is completely dominated by these voices, and odds are you will listen to one of them after rage-flipping a music station for playing nothing but fucking Guns and Roses and Def goddamn Leppard.

I swear to god that's all they play down there. I want Axl Rose drawn and fuckin quartered if I hear the first four notes of Sweet Child o Mine one more time.

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