People who bought real estate in Vancouver, what do you wish you knew beforehand?

Actually, I'd like to further add to my point. I'm not sure what the crime rate is in Langley. However, price isn't going up as much as other places in the lower mainland, so people who want to eventually sell their home and upgrade to something bigger or move closer to Vancouver may find their home doesn't appreciate in value as much as everywhere else. This translates into less buying power over the long term for prospective buyers. Prices are cheaper, yes, but you may be hurt over the long run. A place such as Clayton Heights was being touted as a great place to move into a while back, but now with densification of the are and many people having moved into the neighbourhood, I'm hearing complaints about it. Those people are now telling me they can't wait to get out of the area and move somewhere else.

North Delta has a much better crime rate than Surrey, but you may find that if you move into a town house or condo, the value of your home may not go up as much as you may have hoped, just as people who buy in Langley. You're $400,000 town house isn't much more valuable five years down the road as a town house or condo would be in a place such as Richmond, Ladner, Tswassessen, Vancouver, and Burnaby. You also have to deal with morning and evening rush hour traffic along Nordel way and Alex Fraser's Bridge. Then there is the looming crime rate and shootings not too far away, in Surrey. Other than that, I've talked to people who live in North Delta and they love the area.

Surrey is being advertised as the place to be for new home owners and millenials--such as myself. However, we all know the troubles there, and, people such as myself, choose to stay away. I have a family and don't want to deal with shootings, break ins, being robbed, having my car windows smashed. Well, this isn't fair. There are places in Surrey which are great, namely White Rock. That area is great. Near the beach. Resembles Ladner and Tswassessen. Has a water front. Great place to be in the summers. Price is appreciating nicely. Problem is that it is very desireable to live there, so expect price to be much higher.

I'm planning to upgrade my home down the road, especially if I end up having a second or third child. I'll simply need more room in an area that is already expensive. I live in Delta, so it is close to where I need to go. New bridge is coming in to replace tunnel. Big metrotown mall. Price here is appreciating nicely, and the area is expected to be the next big hotspot. Crime Rate low. Good neighbours and the place is good for families. I managed to get a town house, so now I am in the market, and when I sell it to get something bigger down the road, I'll be able to upgrade to a bigger town house if I can't afford a deattached home by then. Anyway, hope this helps. Live in an area you want to love, and can afford, but try to live in an area that is desireable as well if you can.

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