People who don't finish water bottles, why?

I had a coworker (30ish) who would drink Mountain Dew constantly. I'm talking an entire two liter in the 8 hours a day that I worked with her, who knows how much more she drank at home. She'd come in at 7 am and if she had a two liter instead of two smaller bottles, I knew she was stressed out more than usual. I never once, in the entire 6 months working with her, saw her drink water, and we sat right next to each other. She was slightly chubby but definitely not overweight. She did have really terrible teeth though and I felt bad for her for that reason. I thought she would've missed a day or two due to kidney stones or something but she never missed work, even though she ate and drank like a 13 year old kid. She was by far the kindest person I'd ever worked with and was dedicated and hard working, even though the job kind of treated her like shit. I have no idea how she's alive, there's no way drinking that much caffeine and sugar in a day is good for you. I saw her recently at her new job, MD on her desk, and she looked the same as before. I have no idea how she's not obese and diabetic.

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