2Flag 2Furious - The sequel to Get the fuck out of Canberra

Dude I don't care about your dumb sov cit shit

I'm not sovereign citizen, how many fucking times do I have to say it for it to sink in?

I am however well acquainted with neo Nazis groups and their marches and they have been using the red ensign long before this anti vaxxer nonsense.

The white supremacists are using the Red Ensign for the same reason as the Sovs, because it's the civil flag and they think it symbolises anti-government. They misappropriated the Eureka flag for the same reason. Fuck they even hijacked the Royal Australian Infidel brand from veterans and they can't decide between whether they're Black Templar Christian Crusaders (Anders Brevik) or Neo-Pagan Vikings. Anti-Vaxxers and Sovs aren't the same group either. The whole shitshow happening in Canberra right now is a smorgasboard of conspiritards ranging from Flat Earthers and Anti-Vaxxers to Schizophrenic Alex Jones fans and white supremacists. You watch over the next decade and you will see all of their misappropriated symbols crossing over into each other.

Now possibly there is just a lot of cross over between neo Nazis and sov cits, but I prefer to give you guys the benefit of the doubt and say that's not true.

What do you mean you guys? I'm not one of them, are you touched in the head or something?

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