People whose SO had no interest at first. how did you win them over?

We were really good friends. It felt good to have someone that close, we even started knowing each other by complete accident. I could always make time for her in what teen me thought was a really busy schedule. Twice a week we could manage to meet up. Twice a week I got to smell her amazing hair when we were hugging and twice a week I got to spend some time with the funniest person I had ever met.

After about 2 months, I started developing feelings for her. It was my first love that actually made sense; I spent a lot of time with her, I knew her really well, I liked everything about her and I couldn't stand being without her. So eventually I made plans to ask her out.

We had walked around a part of the South part of Stockholm, going through as many parks as possible, meaning we went through the same park a lot of times. We talked all the time, and I couldn't stop thinking of asking her out. Eventually we came to our turning point. With sweat pouring out of my 16-year-old armpits like the waters of The Nile, I hugged her (whoops) and simply said "I like you".

"Wait... like like me?"

My heartbeat went from the beat of Stayin' Alive to the beat of Beat It.


"Uh, ThatForearmIsMineNow, I like you very very very very very much, but...

I remember thinking "ugh, fuck."

"I get it", I said.

"You know what? Maybe. Maybe."

I had a chance! And that chance made the 2 most frustrating weeks of my life so far. The waiting was infuriating, I got no contact from her for the first time since I started knowing her. I actually texted her, saying "Do you have an answer yet? The waiting is starting to get frustrating." Desperate? You bet. To be fair, I really deserved an answer. I got a response fairly quickly: "I would like to meet and talk about it :)". THAT SMILEY. There's actually hope, no, there's more than hope. It's actually likely that she likes me.

So after some more frustrating waiting, we finally meet up. After some awkward quietness, she says "ThatForearmIsMineNow. I like you too." Instantly a smile broke free, I had no control over it at all. "Awesome", I said.

We keep meeting each other, and I started noticing a pattern. It was always me who initiated the kisses and always me who texted first. She often took two days to respond to texts. That hurt me. I had some anxiety issues before and this made it all worse. I really had no idea if she loved me or not, 8 months into the relationship, because if she did, she would tell me, right? I had told her, so it wouldn't be hard, right? Those thoughts kept popping into my head.

I came to the conclusion that she didn't feel the same for me, and even if she did, the fact that she couldn't show it hurt me enough, so I had to break up with her for my own health.

So to answer your question, I don't know if I won her over. I guess I did to some degree, but not in the way you'd think.

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