People WITHOUT depression and anxiety, what is life like?

I got worse before it got for better for me, but nowadays I feel unburdened and genuinely looking forward to the next thing I get to do. I don't know how much it has to do with toxic people leaving me behind or vice versa, but I don't dread things like I used to.

It sounds unfathomable (it would have to me, at one point) but I think it rules. Not too long ago I looked down-ish on people "without problems" thinking it made me and my friends stronger to be always dealing with some kind of hurt, but that romanticism of damage held us back a lot. In truth, because normal things were a struggle for us, I wrongly jumped to the conclusion that anyone doing those normal things were being vain/attention-grabbing. It's dumb but that's how it can feel. It wasn't malicious or anything, but it was definitely a weird inferiority complex enabling further self-destruction.

I'm saying this all matter of factly, but it takes a lot of help to get here from where I was. I don't blame anyone for feeling like that as long as they are open to change.

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