Melbourne protesters didn't stand a chance lol

Utterly simplistic in that it takes no account of asymptomatic transmission where you have no idea if someone is infected or not. The only way to control asymptomatic spread during a pandemic without vaccines is masks, social distancing and movement restrictiions - all measures recommended by epidemiologists and public health specialists. A society is responsible for protecting the health of its citizens (seatbelts, age restrictions on smoking, drinking and gun ownership, provision of health services, driving laws such as drink driving and speeding, drug use and numerous other safety laws, vaccinatiions, clean and safe food and water etc) Try running a red light, speeding, drunk or dangerous driving,, walking through traffic or disregarding road rules entirely, entering private property, govt or military installations, any place where a pass or permission is required to enter, passport control and security checks at airports and, yes quarantine. Good luck getting through that unscathed. Absolute right to freedom of movement is a myth within any functioning society. Name me one with total freedom of movement, where no one tells you where you can and can't go. A society without restrictions imposed to ensure social cohesion isn't freedom, it's anarchy.

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